Month: April 2019

Your passport to a truly relaxing holiday

Your Passport to a Truly Relaxing Holiday

With all the Brexit uncertainty and talk of travel chaos, passport issues, visas, international driving permits and the like, you could be forgiven for holding-off booking your 2019 holiday. But don’t forget there is a guaranteed way to get away from it all – by booking your next holiday in beautiful Dorset! Our beaches are World class, our countryside is stunning, and the local hostelries offer seafood and international cuisine…

Exhausted secretary overloaded with work


When you last bought a property, did the estate agent suggest an appointment with their in-house mortgage broker? Or recommend their contacts in legal services for ‘competitive’ conveyancing, or even perhaps give a recommendation for a firm of removers? If so, did you ever stop to ask yourself why that agent was so keen to push these third-party services? Well, the answer is referral fees, and for many of the…